Jan 3, 2013

The Way of the Warrior: Shorinji Kempo

Click on the picture to view video.

We're back in 2013 with a new site layout and a kickass documentary series! In our opinion, the best martial arts documentary in English, The Way of The Warrior was produced by the BBC in the 1980's. This series is unsurpassed in its depth, sensitivity and breath as compared to 'Reality TV' or 'Celebrity Host' type of martial arts documentaries which are commonplace now.

The first of an eight part series presents Shorinji Kempo. Literally meaning "Shaolin Temple Fist Method", Shorinji Kempo, is a branch of Japanese martial art founded by Doshin Sho in the years following World War II.

Viewer's Guide: This episode and the series as a whole start slow and pick up speed from there.


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