Apr 30, 2012

Ultimate Weapons: Assault Rifles and Accessories

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Moving up from submachine guns, this week's series is on assault rifles and accessories.
  • LWRC M6 PSD: Originally designed for the Navy SEALS, the LWRC M6 PSD is capable of penetrating soft armor and hard barriers.
  • Ferfrans SOAR: An assault rifle designed as an improvement of the M16A1, AR-15 and M4 rifles
  • CornerShot: Allows its operator to both see and attack an armed target, without exposing the operator to counterattack.
  • M32 Grenade Launcher: A semi-automatic grenade launcher that can fire all 6 rounds in less than 3 seconds!
  • The Simon: the SIMON rifle grenade is capable of breaching any type of door!
  • The Beowulf: Snap the Beowulf .50 Cal receiver on an M16 platform, and watch the large .50 caliber ammunition make mincemeat out of motor vehicles.
This will be all for Ultimate Weapons for now, normal kung fu programming to resume in our next post.

Picture Credit: Cornershot


Ferfrans SOAR


M32 Grenade Launcher

The Simon

The Beowulf

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