Jan 2, 2012

Secrets of the Warrior's Power

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To kick start 2012 and wind down the festive break, we have a fabulous full length Discovery Channel documentary on Chinese Kungfu featuring notable masters such as Pang Qingfu, Shi Yang Ming and Chan Pui.

Some background information on the masters: Pang Qingfu starred as the villain in Jet Li's Shaolin Temple. In real life, he is just as tough a Kung Fu master specializing in Qinna, the art of joint locks. Shi Yang Ming is a genuine ex-Shaolin Temple monk who defected to the US during the first Shaolin Temple monks tour of the United States. Chan Pui is a master of Wah Lum (Bamboo Forest) Kungfu which is a combination of Northern Praying Mantis and Tam Tui (Spring Legs Kung Fu).

Picture Credit: Wikimedia

[Note: Broken links in the previous two posts on Pak Mei have been fixed.]

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