Jan 8, 2012

Filipino Kombatan

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Kombatan is a Filipino Martial Art (FMA) founded by Grandmaster Ernesto Presas. It is a blend of many other arts including Arnis, Dumog, Sinawali, Sibat, Mano Mano and Espada v Daga. In this clip his son Ernesto Presas Junior provides an impressive demonstration of Kombatan stick and empty hand techniques. In Filipino arts, the stick is a training tool for the machete.


Martial Arts said...

Great to watch Kombatan stick and empty hand techniques in Filipino arts, is this one of the part in martial arts?

Daily Kungfu said...

Not quite sure of the question, but certainly, Kombatan is a part of Filipino Martial Arts which include kali, escrima, pekiti tirsia and others.

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