Jan 13, 2012

Chinese Martial Arts Weapons

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Chinese Martial Arts sport a wide variety of weapons in its arsenal.These weapons evolved from battlefields eg. spears and halberds; personal accessories eg fan; and personal weapons eg. the dagger.

In this remarkable clip, which gets our vote as the best short video on Chinese Martial Arts or Kung Fu weapons, Professor Jonathan Barbary of Fatsan Bak Mei provides a quick fire overview of the numerous weapons he had learnt from different Masters:

Fatsan Bak Mei (Sifus Lao Wei Kei and Chan Yau Mun)
  • Pole, Fork, Fan, Double Axes, Butterfly Knives, Straight Sword, Broadsword
Northern Mantis (from Sifu Teddy Lai)
  • Spear, Cymbals, Abacus, Small Pipe, Flute, Umbrella.
Northern Mantis (from Sifu Tse Wai Ming)
  • Double Tiger Hook, Lashing Staff, Horse Cut Saber, Double Short Spear, Saber with Shield, Double Ring, Emei Picks, Double Short Staff, Double Broadsword, Big Axe, Monk Spade.


Anonymous said...

Very skillful Chinese sifues....

Even more talented pupils...

This lineage has strong roots and body.

Long live Bak Mei!

Martial Arts said...

Great to watch, they have very skillful knowledge on martial arts. I have taken some martial arts techniques from these video's.

Unknown said...

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