Dec 15, 2011

Six Harmonies Boxing

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Liu He Men (Six Harmonies School) is a rare branch of Shaolin Kungfu. The six harmonies are:
  1. Eyes go with the Mind
  2. Mind goes with the Qi,
  3. Qi goes with the Body
  4. Body goes with the Hands,
  5. Hands go with the Feet
  6. Feet go with the Hips.
In simple terms, the formula suggests a movement starts from the eyes and ends with the hip. Liu He Men is unrelated to to better known Liu He Ba Fa (Six Harmonies Eight Methods) which is associated with Huashan Kungfu. As a comparison, the Six Harmonies of Liu He Ba Fa are:
  1. Body and Mind combine
  2. Mind and Intent combine
  3. Intent and Chi combine
  4. Chi and Spirit combine
  5. Spirit and Movement combine
  6. Movement and Emptiness combine
In this clip Master Liu Deming shows some some mean applications of Liu He Men.

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