Oct 21, 2011

Royal Armouries: Reclaiming the Blade

Click picture to view video.

Next up is an art which is not much in the limelight as far as martial arts interest goes. In this clip, a member of Royal Amouries of UK recreates techniques from medieval sword fighting manuscripts. Some of the moves may look puzzling to contemporary martial arts practitioners trained in Eastern blade arts. But this may be explained by the fact the Western sword is sharpened only in the last third of the blade and the swordsman wore gauntlets.

The art of Western swordsmanship probably went into decline with the advent of firearms. The title Reclaiming the Blade alludes to this fact. The demonstrator himself, John Waller, learnt Escrima, before taking up Western swordsmanship. Thus the moves you see could be a medieval sword techniques interpreted through Escrima eyes.

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