Oct 23, 2011

Punjabi Iron Shirt

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We've previously covered a number of Indian martial arts here at Daily Kung Fu including Silambam, Kalaripayattu and others. Here is another one, Gatka, the martial art of the Sikhs who hail from the Punjab state in Northwest India.
Gatka is based on the correct use of a vast array of hand-to-hand weapons. The foundation of the art is the Panthra which refers to the form, coordination and method for moving the feet, body, arms and weapons correctly, in unison. The movement requires equal and simultaneous use of both hands and makes one ambidextrous. This basic movement is followed when using all weapons and imparts impeccable balance to the practitioner.

Gatka is normally taught with rhythmic accompaniment, and the object is to achieve fluid, natural and flowing movement, without hesitation, doubt or anxiety. All the movements including attacking and blocking methods are all based upon the positions of the hands, feet and weapons during the Panthra dexterity exercises.
This fun video, while it doesn't specifically refer to Gatka, shows Sikhs demonstrating their version of body armour.

Spotted via Gulshan Devnani. Quote and picture credit: Sikhwiki.

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