Oct 20, 2011

Dragons Forever

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Kung fu doesn't just mean martial arts, its wider meaning is superlative skills acquired through diligence. Not too long ago, kung fu movies had real kung fu with real kung fu masters in their cast. Nowadays, however, kung fu movies are all special effects and martial arts dilettantes. The gulf between the old school of hard knocks masters and the present generation of kung fu thespians are enormous. But thanks to YouTube, we can still partake in some good old fashion kung fu action. This one, Dragons Forever (1988), starring Jackie Chan and his kung fu brothers and fellow Peking Opera School graduates Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah, and directed by another brother, Corey Yuen, is one of the finest.

Spotted via: Sifu Hiu Chee Fatt

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