Oct 16, 2011

Applications of Shaolin Steel Jacket

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In the previous post, we showed Shifu Yan Lei demonstrating Shaolin Steel Jacket which is similar to Iron Shirt and Golden Bell. But how would this skill be actually used in combat?

Muay Thai boxers are known for their ferocious round kicks. Many who challenge them have their legs taken away. Or their breath knocked out by body kicks. Muay Thai kicks are so fast, low and powerful that it is difficult to see let alone mount defenses against them. So how could they be defended against? An answer is demonstrated here by Shifu Yan Lei.

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Anonymous said...

It should be noted that wearing greaves significantly weakens the impact of roundhouse kicks.

There's no actual "iron shirt" being demonstrated in this video - even a fat slob like me can take the kicks of stronger fighters wearing pads.

Daily Kungfu said...

Good points, there are indeed many unauthentic or lesser Iron Shirt demos out there. Nonetheless, we have further information that indicates Shifu Yan Lei could be a real deal. We shall be posting this later. Thanks for your comments on the pads, this is new to us.

Anonymous said...

In response to the comment above, obviously a hard shin will feel more unpleasant than a padded shin. But in another video, this same Sifu is shown taking strikes with iron bars and hard sticks, so I doubt he would mind being tested by a kicker without the pads. The question is, does he have easy access to people willing to kick him hard without shin pads? I certainly never kick without those pads, as I don't want to damage my shins, nor do most people at my gym.

Also, with padding, a kicker typically feels more comfortable kicking hard than he does without the padding. This means there is often a huge increase in force when people wear the pads.

Daily Kungfu said...

Yes, Shifu Yan Lei can definitely take kicks and strikes. Natural body armour training is a basic and key component of Shaolin training.

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