Sep 4, 2011

Qinggong: Balance and Light Feet

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The Qinggong (Gravity Defying Kung Fu) shown in the previous post looks more like Ninja skills than what is traditionally considered as Qinggong which covers more than just scrambling up walls. This next clip shows some traditional Qinggong training exercises, namely:
  • Weighted Hopping
  • Balance Brick Stepping
  • Balance Basin Stepping
In the last exercise the basin is first filled with sand or earth which is then slowly removed. When the basin is full of sand it is easier to walk on the rim without tipping the basin over but with lesser and lesser sand, keeping balance while stepping gets increasingly difficult. Thus, Qinggong is also about extreme balance and having light feet. It is not related to flying kicks, as shown in the photo above, and flying swordsmen as popularized in movies.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing really, i would love to know how to train this skill

Felicia Pace said...

Found the similar clip at and got an idea to learn kung fu. But first I really need to learn balance.

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