Sep 1, 2011

The Iron Monk

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We haven't run a movie trailer here for sometime, so here's one today: Iron Monk. Starring Shifu Shi Yanzi, a real Shaolin monk who runs the UK branch of the Shaolin temple - both sanctioned by the northern Shaolin temple in China. The trailer description says no wires or CGI were used in the action scenes, so the action seems a bit tamer than what one might be used to from over-choreographed kungfu-on-steriods movies. Interesting watch though and the synopsis sounds promising:
A fierce new Triad boss arrives in London’s Chinatown to find his profits have tumbled. The cause? An enigmatic Shaolin Monk has turned people away from drugs and prostitution; his guidance is now their ‘protection’. The Triad try and force the Monk to leave but years of meditation have given him incredible kung fu skills. The Monk soon finds himself fighting to save not only his life but also the values he holds most sacred. 

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