Aug 29, 2011

Secrets of Kung Fu Feats Revealed

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Wing Chun Sifu Leung Ting reveals how 'super human' Kung Fu feats are carried out. Neither illusions nor tricks, these feats are nevertheless not as 'super human' or extreme as one may perceive at first glance. The feats demonstrated in this clip are:
  • Smashing bricks over head
  • Jumping high onto abdomen
  • Stroking red hot iron chain
  • Drawing a sharp knife over body
  • Withstanding chop from a sharp sword.
The techniques to perform these feats are said to have originated from Vagabond Kung Fu and require skill and practice for them to be performed safely and correctly. So don't try this at home - there are more to these techniques than what is shown in this video.

Spotted via: Kung Fu Magazine

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