Aug 21, 2011

Javanese Fighting Arts

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Continuing with our Silat theme, we have a clip of five Silat styles from Jakarta, the capital city of Java and Indonesia. The exotic names of the five styles are:
  • Mustika Kwitang: Legacy of Kwee Tiang
  • Syahbandar: The Portmaster's Art
  • Tiga Berantai: Three Chains
  • Pusaka Jakarta: Jakarta Heritage
  • Permata Sakti: Magic Gem
Silat offers a different perspective of Asian martial arts which, in Western media, is dominated by Chinese styles. These two martial traditions look somewhat similar but are very different in practice. [Footnote: Kwee Tiang is a name of a Kung Fu master who learnt Silat and founded Mustika Kwitang.]

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Picture: Khalfiah Gayong

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