Jul 9, 2011

MMA vs Kungfu Part 1

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Lots of traditional martial arts have trouble dealing with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters. Yet, they do not think highly of the new boys in town, considering them upstarts. The feeling is mutual, MMA fighters don't think too highly of traditional martial artists too, regarding them as practicing fossilized arts. Of course, these are general characterizations, we won't go into a detailed analysis here.

But on a practical, mundane level, make no mistake about it, MMA is a formidable one-on-one bare hand fighting art, compared to traditional martial arts. There are at least two reasons for this, Firstly, the art emphasizes both striking and grappling in equal measure, perhaps more so the latter. Secondly, MMA fighters train hard, as you can see in this video. Training is Kung Fu, just as much as fancy techniques. [Note: some profanities in accompanying song.]

Picture: MMA Training Talk

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