Aug 2, 2011

I Liq Chuan: A Soft Hakka Martial Art

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When one thinks of Hakka Kung Fu, one normally associates them with seemingly 'hard', ferocious styles like Southern Praying Mantis and Pak Mei. And when one thinks of the 'softer' practices of push hands, one thinks of Tai Chi Chuan.

But there is a 'soft' Hakka art which practices push hands like exercises.. I Liq Chuan (Mind and Strength Fist) founded by Grandmaster Chin Lik Keong of Malaysia is an amalgamation of Hakka and Northern arts.

In this clip Grandmaster Chin explains the finer points of what is termed as spinning and sticky hands in I Liq Chuan to Daria Sergeeva, an I Liq Chuan instructor from Russia. Note Grandmaster Chin's gentle instruction (in Hakka) and the importance of fine details in being able to uproot an opponent.

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