Jul 3, 2011

Hung Gar's Esoteric Wooden Dummies

Click picture to view video.

Not to be outdone, some lineages of Hung Gar have sophisticated Wooden Dummies as well, not dissimilar to Choy Lee Fut's. Though it might be assumed that this common use of Wooden Dummies point to a Southern Shaolin origin, the Dummy is not utilized in Fukien or Hakka martial arts, or in Northern Shaolin. In fact, this particular lineage of Hung Gar might have assimilated the Wooden Dummy from Choy Lee Fut. Whatever the origins, this rare video shows how seldom seen Wooden Dummies being use in training. This video is from the Munich Kung Fu School of Sifu Alan Baklayan who studied under Sifu Buck Sam Kong.

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