Jul 15, 2011

Fight at the Pizzeria

Click picture to view video.

Here's another reality video. Youtube used to bar these videos or require registration to view them, but these videos can be educational so it is good that Youtube allow open access.

The video shows a many-to-many bare handed combat situation. The action is from the 0:00 to to 1:35 mark in this 2:36 min video. Watch the video first and then read the rest of the commentary below.

The guy in the dark T and cap got into a fight and was sucker punched. His two buddies came to his rescue just in the nick of time twice when he was about to get a real bad beat-down. He started confidently but where did he go wrong? Well, he got distracted by someone trying to enter the pizzeria and he didn't punch the guy closest to him once his other opponent got out of range.  But great team work by his buddies in the nick of time otherwise he would have been a seriously hurt.

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