Jul 1, 2011

The Eighteen Dummies of Choy Lee Fut

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The wooden dummy is popularly associated with Wing Chun but it Choy Lee Fut which has not one but eighteen wooden dummies. But first off we have a clip of Master Jose Fernandez, a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa, working the Ching Jong (Balanced Dummy). This is followed by rare pictures of six exotic Choy Lee Fut wooden dummies compiled by Plum Blossom Federation under Choy Lee Fut Master Wong Doc Fai.

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Balanced Dummy (Ching Jongmore dummies below

Wall Bag Dummy (Cheung Bau Jong)

Three Star Hand Dummies (Sam Sing Kuen Jong)

Small Plum Blossom Hand Apparatus (Siu Moi Fah Kuen Jong)

Spring Dummy (Dahn Wong Jong)

Great Opening Door Dummy (Dai Hoi Moon Jong)

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