Jul 24, 2011

The Reality of Martial Arts 2

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While the previous video showed raw brutality, this one has a bit more art. So to round up this series on reality martial arts, we go back to competition bouts to show how fights can pan out in real life. Except for the last bout which looks kinda staged. [Spotted via: David Bunny Tan / Muayfit]

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Jul 23, 2011

The Reality of Martial Arts 1

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Today we are having a closer look at the reality of fighting. Not the romanticized version many hold from watching movies, but the brutality and violence of a real fight. Though these shots are from organized bouts, these are real enough. Real street fights may involve less powerful blows as compared to those coming from trained professionals as seen in this compilation, but will likely feature more opponents, chaos and weapons, less readiness and there's no referee. [Spotted via: David Bunny Tan / Muayfit]

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Jul 19, 2011

In a Fraction of a Second

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Continuing our reality series but on a more constructive topic, we have always said that science and technology is Western Kung Fu. No matter how much one trains, it's pretty hard to fight a M16. Science and technology can also be used for beneficial purposes. As shown in this video, it is sometimes applied so well it can looks like magic. For reference, the tool is SawStop. [Spotted via: Fakhruddin Mohamed]

Jul 17, 2011

Street Fights 2

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This compilation is even more violent so be warned. But it does illustrate two essential martial arts principles: distancing and staying on your feet. As you can see from the first part of the video, many victims allow their aggressors to come within range and got sucker punched. One possible solution: raise your guard, covertly or overtly, when danger approaches. Staying on one's feet allows one to defend, fight or run. Conversely, being thrown puts one in a serious mobility disadvantage. This may explain why traditional martial arts placed such great emphasis on developing a strong stance.

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Jul 16, 2011

Street Fights 1

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Since we are on the topic of street/bar fights, here's more. Notice it's not nice to be on the losing end of fights because the hurting keeps on coming even when one is down, unlike sports fighting where the ref jumps in at the first sign of trouble. Thus, the art of street fighting, which traditional martial arts focus on, is very different from that of sports fighting or sparring. In what way? For starters, one has to punch really hard and accurate, in other words, back to the basics. And one has to be really alert for sucker punches, as seen in the previous video, and the last fight in this video.

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Jul 15, 2011

Fight at the Pizzeria

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Here's another reality video. Youtube used to bar these videos or require registration to view them, but these videos can be educational so it is good that Youtube allow open access.

The video shows a many-to-many bare handed combat situation. The action is from the 0:00 to to 1:35 mark in this 2:36 min video. Watch the video first and then read the rest of the commentary below.

The guy in the dark T and cap got into a fight and was sucker punched. His two buddies came to his rescue just in the nick of time twice when he was about to get a real bad beat-down. He started confidently but where did he go wrong? Well, he got distracted by someone trying to enter the pizzeria and he didn't punch the guy closest to him once his other opponent got out of range.  But great team work by his buddies in the nick of time otherwise he would have been a seriously hurt.

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Jul 10, 2011

MMA vs Real Life

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But hey, don't let us talk up MMA too much and this clip shows the reason why.  MMA is optimzed for one-on-one, bare-handed, competition fighting with safety rules. It's still a pretty mean art but there's whole wide world out there. [Thanks to Aaron Boey for the heads-up.]

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MMA vs Kungfu Part 2

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This next clip is not quite MMA vs Kungfu but it's close. Henan TV organized a competition between Shaolin monks and foreign fighters (Henan is the province in which the Northern Shaolin temple is located). This fight is between monk Yi Long and US Muay Thai boxer Adrien Grotte. Many locals expected the Shaolin monk to walk all over Grotte given Shaolin's almost mystical reputation, but in fact Grotte won. This caused a furore in China as many had an impression Shaolin monks are invincible. Is Shaolin Kungfu an empty shell as some have alluded to? Perhaps not, winning and losing is just one way of looking at matters. The video commentary is in Mandarin.

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Jul 9, 2011

MMA vs Kungfu Part 1

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Lots of traditional martial arts have trouble dealing with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters. Yet, they do not think highly of the new boys in town, considering them upstarts. The feeling is mutual, MMA fighters don't think too highly of traditional martial artists too, regarding them as practicing fossilized arts. Of course, these are general characterizations, we won't go into a detailed analysis here.

But on a practical, mundane level, make no mistake about it, MMA is a formidable one-on-one bare hand fighting art, compared to traditional martial arts. There are at least two reasons for this, Firstly, the art emphasizes both striking and grappling in equal measure, perhaps more so the latter. Secondly, MMA fighters train hard, as you can see in this video. Training is Kung Fu, just as much as fancy techniques. [Note: some profanities in accompanying song.]

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Jul 3, 2011

Hung Gar's Esoteric Wooden Dummies

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Not to be outdone, some lineages of Hung Gar have sophisticated Wooden Dummies as well, not dissimilar to Choy Lee Fut's. Though it might be assumed that this common use of Wooden Dummies point to a Southern Shaolin origin, the Dummy is not utilized in Fukien or Hakka martial arts, or in Northern Shaolin. In fact, this particular lineage of Hung Gar might have assimilated the Wooden Dummy from Choy Lee Fut. Whatever the origins, this rare video shows how seldom seen Wooden Dummies being use in training. This video is from the Munich Kung Fu School of Sifu Alan Baklayan who studied under Sifu Buck Sam Kong.

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Jul 1, 2011

The Eighteen Dummies of Choy Lee Fut

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The wooden dummy is popularly associated with Wing Chun but it Choy Lee Fut which has not one but eighteen wooden dummies. But first off we have a clip of Master Jose Fernandez, a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa, working the Ching Jong (Balanced Dummy). This is followed by rare pictures of six exotic Choy Lee Fut wooden dummies compiled by Plum Blossom Federation under Choy Lee Fut Master Wong Doc Fai.

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