Jun 8, 2011

Dragon Kung Fu's Coiling Body

Click picture to view video.

Here is another rare Southern Dragon (Lung Ying) clip - this one is the first form, Sup Luk Dong or Sixteen Moves from the school of Sifu Zhong Luo.. Notice how the demonstrator winds and unwinds his body to generate power. This in akin to the coiling of the Dragon.  On a related note, more words of wisdom from Dragon Kung Fu:
  • If you are loose in morality, the master will not pass his skill to you, even if you were his son
  • If you are eager to learn, the master will teach you even if you cannot afford to pay
  • You should understand that self-restraint is a way of avoiding conflicts, not a sign of timidness
  • Let others boast their egos, you need only to stick to your conscience and principles.

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