May 29, 2011

Shaolin Lock Flow

Click picture to view video.

Further to the mention of locks in the previous post, we have an illustrative video of a Shaolin lock flow. Lock flow refers to the fluent transition of one lock to another. Why change locks when a lock should, well, lock? Among other reasons, a lock change may be needed when the initial lock is countered or broken. Watch as Master Ho Fu-Shyong of Taiwan demonstrates lock flow in the art Rou Chyuan Do (Art of The Soft Fist), Master Ho studied under Grandmaster Tong Jin-Long, a master of Northern and Southern Shaolin.

Strikers may question why go through the bother of locking an opponent when striking is a quicker, cleaner conflict decider. One reason is locks offer a less violent resolution, sort of like the Taser offers a non-lethal alternative to the gun for law enforcement officers.

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Image Credit: Kung Fu Library

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