May 9, 2011

Real Double Sword vs Spear

Click picture to view video.

Here's a more realistic depiction of how double broadswords might fare against the spear. It's an overwhelming win for the double broadswords. But do note the following caveats:
  • It is actually a bo (japanese long stick) against double sticks.
  • The bo is shorter than a spear, is more rigid and does not have a sharp point.
  • The wielder of the bo does not seem to have skills to counter an in-rushing opponent with shorter weapons.
It does illustrate though, without proper training, once an opponent has got inside a longer weapon's range, it is quite difficult to deal with. But let not this video prejudice the spear, if used properly, the spear is like a gun (in fact, the chinese word for the spear is the same for the gun).

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