May 15, 2011

Ip Chun's Butterfly Knives

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The previous post provided a brief glimpse of Wing Chun's Butterfly Knives form. (Butterfly Knives Chinese name is Eight Cut Knive and is transliterated as Bat Jam Dao or Bart Cham Dao).

In this post, Grandmaster Ip Chun shows the full Butterfly Knives form of Yip Man's Wing Chun lineage. Though grainy, it is one of the best Butterfly Knives form we have come across. Note the fluency of execution and the relaxed snapping power. Wing Chun's version of the Butterfly Knive form is quite unlike those found in other Southern Shaolin styles, all which wield the Knives as if they were long broadswords with lots of twirling.

Even within the Hong Kong Wing Chun lineage, there are considerable differences in the Butterfly Knives form between schools. One possible explanation is the Butterfly Knives, until recently, were a closely guarded secret. Wing Chun practitioners who did not get to learn this form before they leave their schools, and who later opened their own schools, had to patch together a form based on what little they saw or borrowed from other styles. Grandmaster Ip Chun's form looks the real deal according to independent observers.

Picture Credit: Wing Chun Life

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