Apr 9, 2011

Muay Thai vs Taekwondo Redux

Click picture to view video.

We have previously posted a Taekwondo vs Muay Thai matchup here where the Taekwondo fighter got the better of his Muay Thai opponent. In this clip, the tables are turned - this 1993 thriller has the Muay Thai fighter demolishing his Taekwondo counterpart.

What gave the Muay Thai fighter the upper-hand? Watch the video first and check out the pointers below.
  • The Muay Thai fighter kept it simple. He used only roundhouse kicks. In contrast, the Taekwondo fighter tried a range of technically difficult kicks. (Think also how much more focused the Muay Thai training would be)
  • The Muay Thai fighter did not step back from the Taekwondo fighter's kicks. Instead he held his ground and easily caught waist level kicks or jammed higher ones.
  • The Muay Thai fighter had a calmer countenance and looks much more battle ready. Probably as a result of long training and experience. In other words, it could be a pro vs an amateur bout, so in this light the Taekwondo fighter didn't fail too badly.
Further to this clip, there are a slew of videos showing Taekwondo practitioners handing it to their Muay Thai counterparts but in almost all of them, the Muay Thai guy is a north Asian, not a Thai. Having said all this, we understand elite Taekwondo fighters in Korea are highly capable but do not display their art in public.

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