Apr 17, 2011

Lama Kung Fu's Penetrating Fist

Click picture to view video.

Lama Kung Fu is a style of esoteric Southern Long Fist which is said to hail from the Western reaches of China. The name Lama itself is from the Tibetan word meaning monk. Though it has external similarities with Northern Long Fist, internally, it is said to resemble Xingyi. Those casually acquainted with Long Fist styles might conclude the the hand is kept straight - hence Long Fist - to allow techniques can be applied at arm's length. But actually it has less to do with distancing. In this clip, Sifu Michael Parrella demonstrates some of the finer aspects of the Lama Long Fist. From the video, you might be able to discern a possible Tibetan aspect of the art: the flinging hands are akin to the strikers of the Tibetan Damaru. You heard it first here at Daily Kungfu! [The video is draggy at the start and the end, and the audio is poor, but do persist.]

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