Mar 21, 2011

Wing Chun vs Piguaquan

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Okay, we'll leave Silat and move on to something lighter: martial arts in movies and television. First off, we have a reel version of a Leitai match-up between Wing Chun Grandmaster Leung Bik, the teacher of Yip Man, and a Piguaquan (Chopping Fist) trained opponent.

This 2007 Hong Kong TV production titled Wing Chun stars Nicholas Tse as Leung Bik and Sammy Hung, son of Sammo Hung, as the Piguaquan protagonist. Nicholas studied Wing Chun under Ou Yang Jian, a student of Wong Shun Leong who in turn studied under Yip Man. That would make him playing his Wing Chun great great grandmaster. Despite being made for TV, the fight scene looks a bit more substantial than many similar big screen fantasy offerings.

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The Art of Wing Chung at it's highest levels is quite simply deadly.....

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