Mar 19, 2011

Silat Senjata Lapan: The Tekpi or Malay Trident

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Here's another National Geographic documentary on Silat: Inside Silat, featuring Silat Senjata Lapan  (Eight Weapon Silat) with Ed Chard cast as the Westerner exploring the exotic world of Malay Silat. This three clip post covers Tekpi, the Malay Sai or Trident. The versatile Tekpi can be used for poking, hitting, stabbing and hooking. Watch out for how the Tekpi prongs are utilized in combat. The narration is in a mix of Malay and English.

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Silat Senjata Lapan - Part 1

Silat Senjata Lapan - Part 2

Silat Senjata Lapan - Part 3

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