Mar 4, 2011

Silat Masters Challenge Match

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What would a challenge match between two silat masters look like? It might perhaps look like what you see in this clip. But where is the blood-and-gore? Well, gore is not the only game in town. Grace and subtlety come to fore here. This spar is between Guru Besar Herman Suwanda of Pencak Silat Mande Muda and Pendekar William Sanders of Pukulan Cimande Pusaka. If you think this is a dance or the two masters are just fooling around, don't be too quick to jump to conclusions. There is a large arsenal of silat techniques on display if you look closely. With this, we kick off  a series on the mysterious martial art of Silat.


Anonymous said...

Well PAK Herman is not alive after a car crash to defend himself. This is not sparring nor is it a fight. Herman Suwanda is just playing and flowing with Sanders. Pak Herman did not spar with any students. If Sanders posted this or his students he was trying to get credit for moving with a master. If an amature observer posted this then it is obvious he did not know Pak Herman and has no idea what a fight really is.


Daily Kungfu said...

Rob, noted, thanks for your comment.

Unknown said...

Yes herman is not sparring not is sanders certified with herman as he claims

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