Mar 12, 2011

Secrets of Silat Gayong Revealed I

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Until recently, the martial art of Silat has been shrouded in mystery - martial artists of other styles who came across this art heard it is lethal and effective but have faint idea what Silat constitutes. Thanks to modern media and persistent researchers from the West, the secrets of Silat are now slowly being revealed. As a finale to our special series on Silat, we present a fascinating four part National Geographic documentary, Fight Masters, which shows American Silat practitioner Joel Champ as travels to Malaysia to learn the art of Seni Silat Gayong (The Art of Power Silat).   In these first two clips, Joel Champ lands in Malaysia and is initiated to the local chapter of Silat Gayong in a trial by fire and later learns a deadly Silat locking technique.

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Silat Gayong - Part 1

Silat Gayong - Part 2

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