Mar 9, 2011

More Silat Defenses Against The Shoot

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We have more interesting Silat techniques from Guru Alvin Guinanao of Satria Fighting Arts (or SFA, a rebrand of the Indonesian martial art of Pencak Silat) including defenses against MMA-styled shoot takedowns. Guru Guinanao learnt his craft from Pendekar Pendekar Steven Benitez. The term Pukulan in the title of the videos translates to 'Hitting' one of the elements of Silat, others may include takedowns, locks, forms, weapons etc. This four part video begins leisurely but picks up speed towards the latter half with some excellent ground fighting on tap.

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Pukulan Combination (Part 1)

Pukulan Combination (Part 2)

Pukulan Combination (Part 3)

Pukulan Combination (Part 4)

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