Mar 25, 2011

Jackie Chan: Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (1978)

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Though not normally thought of as a kungfu master, Jackie Chan certainly qualifies to be one having trained at the renowned Peking Opera School (traditional Opera schools were repositories of various arts, including martial arts) and demonstrating his peerless action skills on screen. Jackie has never publicly revealed what kung fu he learnt except they were a mixture of Northern and Southern styles taught by various teachers at the opera school. Regardless, his portfolio of breathtaking stunt work speaks volumes of his kung fu.

Jackie's breakthrough movie was Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, a 1978 martial arts comedy which is also notable for being the directorial debut of Yuen Woo Ping who later action choreographed Western hits such as The Matrix and Kill Bill. The screen Sifu to Jackie was played by Yuen's father Yuen Siu Tien, who himself was a opera school graduate. Jackie Chan was 24 when this movie was released.

This clip is a compilation of training exercises from the movie, many of them adapted from real kung fu practices. As you can see, old school training is extremely arduous.  The background music is not too good, turn down the volume as the visuals are interesting enough on their own.

Picture: Asianmoviepluse
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