Feb 28, 2011

Awesome Kung Fu Family

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Kung fu has a long tradition of being handed down within families. On one hand, it must be exceedingly difficult to raise willing and able children-disciples generation after generation and through times of peace and war. On the other hand, only through the intensive tutelage afforded by a parent-child relationship could the more advanced aspects of kung fu can be taught. In this interesting clip, a father demonstrates iron-body skills on his sons/grandsons/juniors. No parlour pull-back-on-hitting tricks here; senior really follows through with his strikes.

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Anonymous said...

I wish my parents did to me the same
that family is really awesome :D

Anonymous said...

how do you know they have any connection to martial arts?
maybe the old guy wants to express his love by hitting his children as hard as he can just like monkeys
but the youngsters appeared to be foking immortal
so they showed it on tv

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