Feb 3, 2011

Rabbit Kung Fu

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The Chinese Year of the Rabbit commences on February 3rd 2011. For mark this occassion, we have clip of a courageous rabbit taking on a snake. At first glance, the odds seems stacked against the fluffy mammal but the rabbit managed to manifest its inner Bugs Bunny in this thrilling fight. There is no Rabbit Kung Fu per se in martial arts, as far as we know, but the hopping techniques are reminiscent of Monkey Kung Fu. Seldom seem in public, these hopping and pouncing moves are effective combat techniques, as demonstrated here by our intrepid bunny.

For extra fun, here are the predictions for each 'animal' for the Year of the Rabbit by Master Yap Boh Chu, son of Kungfu and Fengshui Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai. If you are not sure what 'animal' sign you are born under, check here.

  • Rat You will enjoy good fortune this year. However, beware of cheats and heed advice from true friends.
  • Ox A slow start to the year. Be patient as your luck will change later. You will meet cheats but someone from the opposite sex will assist you. Beware of friends who are insincere. Avoid legal actions.
  • Tiger Not a good year, particularly mid-year. Abstain from major undertakings. Your arrogance can get you embroiled in legal issues.
  • Rabbit Luck will arrive in the second and third quarter of the year. Persevere and you will overcome your difficulties.
  • Dragon A roller-coaster year. Do not let a good beginning mislead you into being complacent. Avoid legal issues. Be courteous and humble in your dealings.
  • Snake  A good start to the year. Exploit good opportunities but avoid big ventures. Abstain from excessiveness. Mid-year brings a bad stretch. A prominent person will help you through bad times.
  • Horse You will enjoy good luck throughout the year. Beware of attracting someone from the opposite sex who may ruin your business and reputation. Be honest in all dealings to maintain good luck.
  • Goat You have Heaven’s blessings and will enjoy good fortune. Reap your profits but brace for a downturn. Maintain peace and avoid legal problems.
  • Monkey Your fortune is stable but you may have health problems. Beware of thefts and cheats.
  • Rooster Maintain your position. Not a year to extend your plans.
  • Dog Start afresh and learn from past mistakes.
  • Pig Persevere with a clear conscience to tide over the year.
A more detailed coverage of the above is available here.

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Photo Source: Giant Rabbit

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