Jan 7, 2011

Shaolin Chanwuyi Xinyiba Wugulun

To wrap up our series on Shi Dejian, here is a clarification of a number of terms associated with him: Shaolin, Chanwuyi, Xinyiba and Wugulun.
  • Shaolin: The Northern Shaolin temple in China. Shi Dejian is an ordained monk of this temple.
  • Chanwuyi: Chan=Zen, Wu=Martial, Yi=Healing. An integrated branch of the Shaolin arts. 
  • Xinyiba: The Shaolin martial art Shi Dejian mastered. Other Shaolin martial arts include Lohan Fist, Hong Quan and Canon Fist. Xinyiba is a component of Chanwuyi.
  • Wugulun: The lay master who studied Xinyiba while apprenticed at the Shaolin temple. Master Wugulun passed down Xinyiba when the art itself was lost at the temple due to war and social upheavals.
There is no video for this article.

Update: The photo shows Master Shi Dejian on the left in a sparring pose with his peer Master Wu Nanfang.  A authoritative and in-depth explanation of the above-mentioned terms can be found in Master Wu Nanfang's excellent website.

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