Jan 1, 2011

Shaolin Kungfu vs Western Boxing

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Scoop: Shaolin monk Shi Dejian sparring with a Chinese state boxing champion. Though this video is a compilation of Shi Dejian related clips, the spar itself starts at 1:15 and last a few seconds only but, it one of the most instructive clips of how a Shaolin exponent might handle a boxer where others have just vaguely eluded to this.

Of interest is how Shi Dejian makes use of what might look like contemporary fighting techniques: the bob and weave, and ending the fight with a classic MMA takedown (the clip ends with a suggestion of this). Perhaps viewers might think he IS using modern MMA techniques.

Perhaps not. Here's what Northern Shaolin Grandmaster Cai Longyun has to say about the three secrets to fighting, as handed down through his family:
Bu Zhao Bu Jia (No incursions, no blocks)
When your opponent punches at you, don't use your hand or elbow to block because the block will delay your counterattack. If the smallest moment is lost, it will give your opponent time to recover and attack you again. You should move and duck to avoid the punch as you simultaneously counterattack.

Zhe Rou Fen Qiang (Don't duck too early).
Duck at the split second when your opponent's fist is almost touching your flesh. In this way, your opponent's punch is fully delivered. He thinks he's got you and has no opportunity to redirect his energy.

Tie Shen Kao Da (Strike by sticking to your opponent's body)
Stick close to your opponent's body, eliminating the space between you and your opponent which can jam your opponent's strike. When your opponent moves backward to make room to attack, you seize the opportunity and attack first.
In the short sparring section, Shi Dejian amply shows how all three strategies are used against a Western Boxer.

[Update: 16/4/2011 - show  a more focused clip with English subtitles.]

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