Jan 21, 2011

Choy Li Fut: The Movie

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After a recent slew of Wing Chun movies, here at last is a movie on Choy Li Fut, the other famous Cantonese martial art. Choy Li Fut (romanized variously as Choy Lee Fut, Choy Lay Fut, Cai Li Fo) is named after the three martial arts which its founder, Chan Heung, learnt: Choy Gar, Li Gar and Fut Gar (Gar is Cantonese for Family).  This movie stars Sammo Hung (again!), his son Sammy Hung, Yuen Wah, Lau Kar Wing and Ken Kosugi.

This rough-cut movie trailer of 15 mins duration is configured to start at the half way mark where the real action begins when a bunch of Choy Li Fut students are asked to fight masters of Hung Gar, Taiji (Tai Chi) and Muay Thai. Some pretty slick Hung Gar and Taiji action on display here! [The dialog is in Cantonese.]

Spotted at: Kungfu Magazine
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Anonymous said...

Here is an example of the updated mindset of highly established martial arts schools, like Choi Lay Fat....

Hugely respected exponents of famed but different schools from Tai Chi, Hung Gar and Muay Thai are invited to a Choy Lay Fat school to demomstrate and display their skills.

N.B. (* These distinguished gentlemen are honoured guess! *)

Young and healthy Junior students were selected and instructed beforehand to [*LEARN*], and to only receive blows and to only defend themselves....

They were not allowed to attack at all....

This taught them the 'relatively' hard way to learn to toughen up and to respect the abilities of other schools and style!

NOT that 'harsh' a lesson for dedicated martial artists standards.


It's great to be able to understand Cantonese....

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