Dec 12, 2010

Tan Sau: The Dispersing Hand

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In this second video from Sifu Jin Young, the Wing Chun Tan Sau or dispersing hand is introduced. Though this block seems to be similar to Karate's Chudan Uke and Shuto Uke, its technical execution is quite different. Watch as Sifu Jin points out the key fine points of the Wing Chun Tan Sau, including the positioning of the elbow, not chasing hands, drilling into and attacking the center.

Note: There may be some small talk at the beginning of Sifu's Jin vidoes, don't get turned away - the action comes thick and fast soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

Tan-Sao with crossing hands?
I like and learned the idea, that the left hand solves the problems of the left half of the body and the right hand the right half.. and not like in the video left right and right left
So it´s more difficult to get trapped, pulled,...

And you normally get the inside position.. put when you attack inside with the tan you should control the opponents arm (which is very close to your face) :-)

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