Dec 28, 2010

Shaolin Xinyiba Applications

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In our previous post, we saw Northern Shaolin monk Shi Dejian practicing Xingyiba forms precipitously on a rooftop at the edge of a cliff. In this clip - the finest example of Northern Shaolin combat application we have came across - Shi Dejian shows a Western visitor how Xingyiba could be used for self defence. Note the fluidity and spontaneity of the moves and the precise body control, of both Shi Dejian and him of his opponent - a sign of long practice and high level kung fu achievement. Also notable is combat at multiple latitudes and the use of long stances in both attack and defence.

Southern Shaolin enthusiasts who might consider that their art to be more effective because it deploys smaller circles, more handiwork and lower kicks might like to take note that Northern Shaolin is not deficient in these areas in this example.  Xinyiba would have been lost if it had not be taught to a lay monk who kept the art alive outside the temple when the Shaolin temple itself was destroyed during the Chinese Civil War. This interesting tale in a subsequent post.

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