Dec 9, 2010

Introduction to Wing Chun: Pak Sau

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Sifu Jin Young has produced an excellent series of videos on the principles of Wing Chun kung fu. As a tribute to his work, we will be running a 'best of' picks of these videos here at Daily Kungfu. Sifu Jin's Wing Chun lineage is via Hawkins Cheung and Gary Lam. In addition, he has trained in Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Muay Thai and other martial arts. If you like his videos, you can chip in here. Sifu Jin does not run a school at the moment and teaches privately only to friends. His website is here.

For martial arts readers, these videos are an excellent introduction to Chinese martial arts in general, and Wing Chun in particular. In this first clip, Sifu Jin (aka chinaboxer) discusses Pak Sau or Slapping Hand. Details covered include keeping the fingers up, using the palm not the fingers, not over extending the hand and attacking the centre.

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