Dec 18, 2010

Application of Wing Chun's Wooden Dummy Footwork

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In this ground breaking video, Sifu Jin Young demonstrates the secrets of the triangular footwork found in Wing Chun's wooden dummy form. See how this seemingly simple footwork can be used to advantageously face an opponent, neutralize an opponent's centre line, escape from tight situations and be used as a supplement exercise to Chi Sao.

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Jim said...

Sifu Jin Young, phenomenal tutorials, you appear genuinely humble but by watching and listening can see your a master to your craft, and truly a bad ass, I am 47 years old, have built two wing chun wooden dummies, one for me, used daily, and one for my son, who also appreciates the art very much. thank you for applying skillful words to the physical actions, keep up the awesome work, maybe some of us fragmented masses may learn from your prowess. Thank you Sifu Young.

Jason Woodward said...

Great video well done from the team at Wing Chun Universe Oakleigh.

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