Nov 27, 2010

Six Harmony Northern Praying Mantis

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Further to the previous post on combat intent and power strikes, here's another martial art which doesn't pussy around: Six Harmony Northern Praying Mantis. Mantis refers to the base art, the Northern adjective distinguishes Northern Mantis from the unrelated art of Southern Mantis. Six Harmony is a branch Northern Mantis; other branches include Seven Star, Eight Step, Tai Chi and Plum Blossom. Six Harmony Praying Mantis itself is said to be combination of Six Harmony Fist and Seven Star Mantis. The principle of Six Harmony or Six Harmonies is described as follows:
It can be argued that without the "Six Harmonies" there can be no conscious movement and therefore no true Kung Fu. Liu He or Six Harmonies means the uniting of 6 principles. There are three internal (nei jia) and three external (wai jia) principles, which cannot be separated from each other. The three internal are: Mind in harmony with intent, intent in harmony with chi and chi in harmony with force. The three external are: the shoulder in harmony with the hip, the elbow in harmony with the knee and the hand in harmony with the foot. The Six Harmonies are the foundation of all good martial arts practice and also good health.
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