Nov 19, 2010

Secrets of Bagua Rolling Hands

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Speaking of sticky hands, this is not the province of Wing Chun alone. Bagua has a sophisticated equivalent in its 'rolling hands'. Simplistically put, these sticky or rolling hand exercises simulate combat at close range and train sensitivity and counters to the movements of an opponent. Watch as Sifu Rudy Curry Jr reveals some of the rolling hand secrets of bagua, including how the coiling snake hand is used in this context. Sifu Rudy does not seem to have a webpage currently, his bio below is republished from a Word document:
Sifu Rudy Curry started with Karate in the Goju Ryu and Isshin ryu systems in his early teens and moved on to learn Yun Mu Kuan and Kung fu from Master Min Pai in 1977. In 1978 he began studying Hsing-I chuan, Ba Gua Zhang and Chi Kung with Grandmaster BP Chan who later also taught him Chen Tai Chi Chuan. He also studied various versions of Yang family Tai Chi Chuan with Grandmasters William CC Chen and CK Chu. He continued his studies in Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Khametic Mind Science in 1982 with Master Heru Nepu and Master Abu Khafra Ndongo and studied Wing Chun with Mr. Wong. Sifu Curry also studied Tai Chi with Master Sat Hon in 1984-85 (and in) 1988 studied Yi Chuan with Master YP Dong. He met a Master named Sam Chin whose father invented I-Liq Chuan and studies with him periodically. 1n 1998 he also studied Traditional Yang family Tai Chi with Master Gim H. Won. Sifu Curry has also been practicing with Grandmasters and unknown masters in Chinatown communities (in New York and Los Angeles) with such notables as old man Chang of Kissena Park in Queens, N.Y and Grandmaster Yu in Los Angeles, who has the elusive “empty force” and tangible healing capabilities.
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