Nov 26, 2010

Bajiquan Combat Intent

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In more than a few martial arts, the combat intent of their exercises and movements are muted or hidden. This is not the case with the northern Chinese art of Bajiquan. As shown in this clip, the intention to inflict major damage is evident in its drills. Here are some bajiquan principles from Bajimen:
  • Movement is precise, fast, simple and direct. Every move has its intended usages, and will not contain anything flowery. However once the hand methods are mastered, then infinite changes are possible.
  • Training is very scientific. Both techniques and power are divided into steps. These training methods flow from one to another, connect closely in a sequence, and does not allow the practitioner to be lazy.
  • Train methods all start with the lower body, the training is very strenuous. Without a solid lower body foundation, there would be no way to progress into the other stages of training.

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