Oct 27, 2010

Wing Chun-White Crane Missing Link Found?

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Wing Chun is said to be an amalgamation of White Crane and Snake kung fu. The link to Fukien White Crane is particularly tantalizing, given Wing Chun shares the same high stances and short bridges. And lately it is noted that name Eng Choon (Yong Chun in Mandarin), a town in the Fukien province of China famous for its White Crane Kung Fu, is Wing Chun in Cantonese.

However, initial travelers to Eng Choon looking for the source of Wing Chun found the kung fu there did not resemble Wing Chun much. But it seems it depends on who one asks. In this video scoop by martial arts researcher Sifu Sergio Iadarola, Sifu Cliff Ip of Hong Kong performs an advanced form of Fukien White Crane called Sap Yee Jeet Lik (possible translation: Twelve Special Forces). If you watch closely, there is a distinct resemblance to Wing Chun's Siu Lim Tao with some Chum Kiu and Biu Jee thrown in.

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Observer said...

Some commentators have mentioned that Wing Chun also has a 'snake signature' and that Fukien White Crane moves are common to many Southern Shaolin styles. How would you reconcile this?

Daily Kungfu said...

The signature theory may well be true, but we can't tell because there are no publicly available videos or documents to support it. In contrast, Sergio Iadarola has done a tremendous job consulting Wing Chun masters and posting his findings online.

It may also be true that the beginning forms of White Crane, eg. Sam Chien, looks similar to beginning forms of other Fukien and even Hakka martial arts, and nothing like Wing Chun. But in this instance, the Sap Yee Jeek Lik form certainly bears an interesting resemblance to Siu Lim Tao.

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea, but looks nothing like the non yip family wing chun lines. As the yip line was blended with some Weng Chun it may stand to reason thats why they look more similar.

Great Video, thanks for sharing.

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