Sep 3, 2010

Combat Applications of Ziranmen Natural Boxing

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We have previously featured the less well known school of martial art called Ziranmen or Natural Boxing. With an interesting name like this, how would the combat applications look like? Well, at first glance it looks effective but nevertheless quite orthodox, as demonstrated here by Master Liu De Ming. But it does say 'Natural Boxing' so one would expect it to look orthodox. Not shown or which cannot be seen easily are the internal principles. Here is an abstract from Master Liu's website regarding the internal 'natural' aspects of Ziranmen:
Forms and techniques are stepping stones to the higher levels of martial arts. At the highest levels, your entire being (mind, body, energy) is integrated. Your actions take place without thought. This is also sometimes known as 'spontaneous correct action'. As you have no preconceived notion of form and no deliberate plan of attack or defence, your movements are swift and unpredictable, your mind is free from thought and hesitation and your power manifests effortlessly.
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Credit: Kungfu Magazine

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Highlander said...
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Highlander said...

Master Liu De Ming does an outstanding job of not just showing,but expressing the heart of Ziramen both externally as well as internally. Feeling this energy even through his video speaks of how he truly has embodied the art of 'Natural Boxing'.

My thanks for showing us ~

Daily Kungfu said...


Thanks for your comments. Master Liu's demonstration is indeed outstanding.

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