Jul 4, 2010

The Natural School of Boxing

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Ziramen (The Natural School of Boxing) is a mysterious and lesser known school of kungfu which originated from Hunan province:
Ziranmen traces its lineage to Dwarf Xu, who based it on ancient Taoist philosophy. His disciple, Wu Duxin, served as a bodyguard to Sun Yat-Sen, then the provisional president of the Republic of China. Wu Duxin imparted his knowledge of Ziramen to Wan Laisheng, a prominent twentieth century martial artist. [Wikipedia]
Natural boxers do not pursue tricks nor do they emphasize mastery of unique skills. Instead, they pay attention to tempering the mind, spirit and qi flow inside the body and to the good application of eyesight, fist plays, footwork and movements of the body. [Chinavoc]
This clip shows Wudang Master Wang Xingqing conducting a Ziran Dafa workshop for German members of Dragon Gate School of Wudang.  Combat fans should be able to pick up a wealth of techniques from this excellent short video.

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Note: There's no Part Two to this video.

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