Jun 19, 2010

The Shin Kicks of Chuojiao

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One of the trademark kicks of Chuojiao is then shin kick. This is not the Muay Thai roundhouse kick where the shin is used to strike the head, ribs and legs of opponents. In Chuojiao, the tables are turned, the shin is now the target of attacks. Since the shin is hard bone and the foot is not, this technique requires foot conditioning and the use of shoes as weaponry support. Watch as Chujiao exponents demonstrate the shin kick in this clip.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, it is not necessary to condition the foot for this kind of low kick - pitui/cuntui. We're usually wearing shoes. :) You hit the opponent's shin with the ball of the foot or tip of the shoe (then it's more like a low diantui) depending on situation.

Daily Kungfu said...

hi jiuzhizi, thanks for your clarification.

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