Jun 26, 2010

Same Master, Different Results

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This is a two clip feature on Wu Style Tajiquan (Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan). Because both clips are grainy, they won't be displayed in a larger window but will instead play on the frontpage directly (takes a few seconds to load).

The first clip, narrated in Cantonese, features third generation Wu Taiji master, Wu Kung Yi, grandson of Wu Taiji founder Wu Chuan Yu, in a 1954 public match against Chan Hak Fu, a Tibetan White Crane master. The match, declared a draw, resulted in much controversy as observers opined there didn't seem to be much kung fu on display despite the eminence of the two masters.

Wu Kung Yi was taught by his father, Wu Chien Chuan. One of the senior disciples of the Master Wu Chien Chuan was famous kung fu master Ma Yueh Liang. In the second clip, Master Ma demonstrates the famous Taiji fajin (power burst) against all comers from a crowd.

One obvious question is why didn't Master Wu Kung Yi use Taiji or fajin in his public match. Something to ponder about, what do you think?

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