Jun 11, 2010

Karate Kumite

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Let's take a short break from qigong, and revert to our favorite past-time: fisticuffs. Contrary to what some kung fu martial artists might think, traditional karate is more than a match for their 'kung fu'. Old karate is said to be influenced by Fukien martial arts and exhibits some of its combat essentials. Karate has three main training components:
  • Kihon - fundamentals
  • Kata - forms
  • Kumite - sparring
Different types of Kumite:
  • Gohon kumite - step back, block, counterattack
  • Ippon kumite - one step sparring, typically used for self defense drills
  • Sanbon kumite - three step sparring, typically used to develop speed, strength, and technique
  • Kiso kumite - structured sparring drawn from a kata
  • Jiyu kumite - free sparring
These categorizations may not ring a bell, but they are powerful training tools.  Watch as Shotokan karate practitioners duke it out. No quarter asked, no quarter given.

Hat tip: Kungfu Magazine

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